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Expert Inspection Co. Ltd

EXPINSCO LTD is an independent inspection company registered in 2006 in Rwanda.


services are utilized by international food Aid organizations, Non- Governmental Organizations,

Government parastatals, the Tea Sector, hotels & clubs, Manufacturing industry, international commodity

traders, the shipping lines, insurance industry and marine surveyors among many others.

The services include but not limited to ;

Technical testing and analysis : – Inspection, cargo survey & surveillance services


Phone: +250 788 854 249

Email: [email protected]

  • Inspection & certification. 10 most common reasons / need for home inspections:
    • Request when buying or selling your home
    • To plan your maintenance and repairs
    • Roof inspection and report
    • Construction inspection and report 
    • Roof downpipes run to storm water drains
    • Ventilation inspection / certification
    • Identify potential asbestos issues
    • Overall building inspection report
    • Pest related damage
    • Electrical, plumbing and gas issues

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