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Commonly Encountered Roof Problems

Commonly Encountered Roof Problems

Living in a peaceful house is a dream that shines in everyone’s eyes. But to have a peaceful habitat requires regular maintenance and time. In Rwanda if you live in a house, you may have already been through many problems at some point in your life. But you can save tons of effort and money if you practice a regular house maintenance habit. Some of these problems are summed up in this article and can be avoided by regularly spending a tiny amount of time on house maintenance.

  • Distractive flashing

Due to improper flashing installation, cracks allow water to penetrate a house, and properly maintained flashing over your roof can increase the flashing life to many years.

  • Water pools

Some flat areas over your roof allow water to congregate, ultimately leading to bigger problems. Constructions of slopes and tapered areas over your roof can solve this problem permanently.

  • Holes and punctures

Numerous reasons can cause holes and punctures in your roof, from wildlife to foot traffic; anything can add up to damage your roof permanently. But inspecting your roof at regular intervals can save you from these hitches.

  • Shrinkage

A roof possessing an EPDM encounters a shrinking problem that can host other difficulties over time. Early detection can save you from any unpleasant incidents.

  • Cracks

Over time, different types of roofs become prone to cracks and blisters; it depends on the material of your roof and the weather conditions in your area; by regular maintenance, you can avoid this problem.

  • Ice damages

Ice and snow damage your roof when they melt and seep under tiny gaps in your roof and freezes back, leading to bigger gaps. A regular inspection can save you from catching off-guard.

  • Atrocious installation

Shoddily installed roofs and flashing can save you some dimes, but it can cause you a whole lot of money in the long run; always concern the roofing specialists. Pfister roofings are one of the best in the business; their 33 years of experience serve you with guaranteed installations, and their team schedules regular inspectorial visits to maintain your roof to save you from many roofing problems.

  • Tree damages

Tree branches resting or rubbing off your roof or a tree-climbing through your roof can cause permanent damage to the roof; trimming of such trees at regular intervals can let you have a crack-free roof.

  • Defective gutter system

Clogged gutter lines can easily produce rotting in your roof, screen installations at gutter openings and regular cleaning can prevent twigs and leaves from getting into your system.

  • Abysmal maintenance

Many issues are resolvable if they are detected early; regular maintenance and timely inspections can help you save time and money and save you from the distress that roofing problems will cause.


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