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Munyax ECO

Location matters because every site comes with its own set of environmental challenges and opportunities, … Green Building by Munyax Eco Created in 2013, MUNYAX ECO is a Rwandan / Belgian company reconciling business and clean environment. MUNYAX ECO is working in solar energy as well as energy efficiency sectors by selling and installing environmental […]

Expert Inspection Co. Ltd

EXPINSCO LTD is an independent inspection company registered in 2006 in Rwanda. OUR CLIENTS services are utilized by international food Aid organizations, Non- Governmental Organizations, Government parastatals, the Tea Sector, hotels & clubs, Manufacturing industry, international commodity traders, the shipping lines, insurance industry and marine surveyors among many others. The services include but not limited […]

Zeisnet Rwanda

@zeisnetrwanda provides all customers quality service & repairs for individuals and small businesses. Software issues fixed as you wait, upto 24hrs for Hardware issues. Professional, Competent, Trusted. https://www.facebook.com/zeisnet/ Phone: +250 787 186 250 Email: [email protected] Computers & networks. 10 most common home related IT issues / tasks: Hardware troubleshooting & problems Software troubleshooting & problems Security […]

Cooling Systems Rwanda LTD

your partners in refrigeration & air-conditioning https://www.facebook.com/Cooling-Systems-Rwanda-LTD-147268585339105/ Phone: +250 788 540 432 Email: [email protected] Air Conditioning. 10 most common aircon services / issues: Installation Replacement Electrical issues Not blowing cold air Insufficient air flow Low coolant levels Leakage& drainage problem High power consumption  Compressor issues  Makes noises 

Rwanda Security systems

connect with Rwanda security systems companies https://www.facebook.com/Rwanda-Security-systems-136533403417901/ Phone: +250 785 398 616 Email: [email protected] Security& Alarms. 10 most common home security services / issues:  Bad locks used on exterior doors Inadequate reinforcement of door frames Poor or no locking hardware on windows and sliding doors Alarm system installed but not working or not system at […]

Creative Homes

Creative home, an innovative design and custom home builders.Our main focus is on designing professionally your dream house in a modern and classic way by providing you efficient and effective construction services. https://www.facebook.com/creativehome.rwanda/ Phone: +250 255 119 245 Builder & Construction. 10 most common home building projects: Replacing entry door / garage door Adding a […]

Real painters co.Ltd

We paint, painting interior design, renewing houses, appartement, schools,… https://www.facebook.com/idrissa2018/ Phone : +250 788 722 994 Painting. 10 most common painting projects: Interiorpainting Ceiling, doors, walls, stairwells painting Painting and decorating bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens Scraping Exterior painting House & roofs painting Window painting Driveway painting Garage or garage doors painting Fence, verandas, […]

Safintra Rwanda Ltd

SAFINTRA RWANDA Limited is part of SAFAL Group, Africa’s largest manufacturer of Aluminum-Zinc coated steel roofing, operates in 12 countries, 36 operations and 50 years experience in servicing the roofing requirements of African continent https://www.facebook.com/safintrarwandaltd/ Phone: +250 727 888 070 Email: sales[email protected] Roofing. 10 most common roof services / issues: Ventilation issues Moisture and mould in […]

Paradiso Garden & landscaping

Bringing a dazzling beauty to your home… -commercial and residential maintenance -gardening & landscaping -vegetable https://www.facebook.com/Paradiso-Garden-landscaping-104603981325509/ Phone: +250 784 948 650 Email: [email protected] Gardener. 10 most common gardening task: Lawn mowing, edging and trimming hedges  Fertilising and watering Weeding Fencing  Frames / wind support Landscaping Stone setting Garden pest control Plant selection and planting General […]

Ellycoll electrical engineering ltd

Our vision is becoming the most trusted and valued partner in service provision in ICT, electrical and electronics and mechanical field https://www.facebook.com/ellycoll/ Phone: +250 725 022 733 Email: [email protected] Electrician. 10 most common electrical services / issues: Light switches not working Frequent electrical surges Circuit breaker tripping frequently Sags and dips in power Circuit overload High electric bill […]